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What do community groups think about community energy?

There’s over 500 community energy projects operating in the UK. Thousands more being discussed and developed. But it’s fair to say […]

Local Food Social Return On Investment Report

The Local Food Social Return On Investment Report is now available. This is based on work done for the Big Lottery […]

State Aid, Community Energy and Creating a Green Economy

Many community energy projects have had issues over how government support leads them into complex discussions on ‘state aid’. The EU […]

Climate Change and China (and art)

Climate Change and China:  We all know the excuse / question:  ‘why I should do anything while China is causing so […]

UK residents to get 24 hour power supply!

The small island of Muck in west Scotland was one of the last places in the UK not to have a […]

Free workshop on European laws, actions and tools for a low carbon society

The EU has a range of targets and regulatory instruments for work on energy and climate. At the centre of this […]

Local Action on Air Pollution

Effective local action on Air Pollution in London – A conference for concerned communities and organisations The conference, on April 17th, […]

UK greenhouse gas levels rose…

A shift from coal to gas and more gas use at home are the main reasons why UK greenhouse gas levels […]

UK Renewable Energy Powering Forward

UK Renewable Energy Powers Forward Renewable energy is powering forward in the UK, according to the 2012 update to the Renewable […]

The climate change ‘carbon bomb’ is ticking

  The new Greenpeace report, the ‘Point of No Return’ by respected consultancy firm Ecofys shows how a global ‘carbon bomb’ […]

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